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If  you’re  like lots of other couples, it’s not uncommon to slide into what sex therapists call “sexless marriages” or having relations less than 10 times a year.

Or, you may be continuing to have sex, but it isn’t as satisfying, as much fun, as fulfilling as it was when you were much younger.

Unfortunately many older couples think this is the way it has to be. Slowing down is inevitable. It’s “normal” and there’s “nothing you can do about it.”

Then they see another couple who they know are just their ages, and their love for each other is visible. They are sure the other couple is still having sex…a lot of it.

When this happens to you, it’s hard not to be envious and wonder “what do they have that we don’t?
Maybe we really are too old, and should be okay with the way things are.

Sounds awful, but far too many couples believe this is the way “it has to be.”

Well, you’ve finally come to THE ONLY Place where you can get the Real, No-Nonsense, Relationship (and Life) Changing Answer you’ve been looking for.


Hi, I’m Dr Pat Wiklund,

For many years I was a sex therapist who helped countless couples improve their sex lives, become more intimate, and experience more satisfaction with their love making.

Some of my clients were newly married 19 year olds, others were 78 year old grandparents.

While all of the couples came in wanting changes they feared couldn’t happen, they all finished our work together with a smiles on their faces and a renewed energy in their love lives.

Truth be told, age was not an issue…but what they thought and felt about what and how they did was getting in the way of their sexual satisfaction and sometimes even undermined their relationship outside their bedroom.

Don’t let this be you. Even if, especially if, you think you’re in your “golden years, of a certain age, over the hill,” or whatever cute phrase you use to mean you’ve given up on yourself and think you are too old to have a satisfying and fulfilling intimate, sexual relationship with your special someone.

You can regain those feelings and re-experience the benefits of a more satisfying sex life:

  • renewed feelings of closeness and care for one another
  • more energy for every day activities
  • renewed health, both physical and emotional, and
  • more interest in activities and projects you used to find fun and fulfilling

Especially if you get a copy of my

Five Steps to Optimal Senior Sex
How to Turn Around Your Love Life
While Turning Each Other On

You’re friends will wonder why you are smiling so often…
and your kids will know you are up to something…

And you both will smile some more and be up to “something” more often.

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